Terms of Service

This document contains the Terms of Service for the Eurotica platform, located at www.eurotica.org (hereinafter referred to as 'Eurotica'). These terms govern the usage of services made available on Eurotica and encompass various sections, including content guidelines, availability, registration, payment, data protection, cookies, links, advertisements, and copyright.

It is essential to familiarize yourself with these terms, as they define your rights and responsibilities as a User. Not reading this document does not make you exempt from its effect, and cannot be used as a basis for exemption from obligations.

By using the Eurotica you (hereinafter referred to as User) agree to and accept to be bound by the provisions of this document.

I. Definitions

  • Eurotica: The Eurotica platform, accessible at www.eurotica.org, including all of its webpages.
  • Service: The online service offered by Eurotica, which provides Users with access to content, and allows Content Creators to upload and sell their content to Users.
  • Service Provider: The owner and operator of Eurotica, Richárd Szőke sole proprietor, identified by registration number 43263493 and tax number HU67081770, with the registered office located at H-7570 Barcs, Bem street 26.
  • User: Any natural person, legal person, or organization without legal personality that views, logs in, or uses Eurotica in any manner.
  • Content: The content, including but not limited to text, images, videos, and other materials, made available for viewing, purchase, or access through the Eurotica.
  • Content Creator: A User who uploads and sells their content on Eurotica.
  • Advertisement: Advertisement placed on the pages of the Eurotica in accordance with 3. § Point d) of Act XLVIII of 2008 on Essential Conditions of and Certain Limitations to Business Advertising Activity.
  • Advertiser: The natural person, legal person or organization without legal personality that ordered the Advertisement.

II. The Effect of These Terms of Service

These Terms of Service take effect on October 1, 2015, and remain in force until they are withdrawn. They apply to all Users.

Any matters not regulated, or not regulated in a detailed way in these Terms of Service are governed by Hungarian law, especially the relevant provisions of Act V of 2013 on the Civil Code and Act XLVIII of 2008 on the Essential Conditions of and Certain Limitations to Business Advertising Activity. 

Each of the paragraphs of these Terms of Service operates separately. If any part of these Terms of Service is deemed invalid or unenforceable by a court or arbitrator of competent jurisdiction, the invalidity of any such provision shall not affect the validity of any of the remaining provisions of these Terms of Service, which still apply and are binding. Any unenforceable term will be substituted with a term that comes as close to the unlawful or unenforceable term as possible.

These Terms of Service, the Privacy Policy, and any other legal notices published on Eurotica, shall constitute the entire agreement between the User and the Service Provider. No waiver of any term of these Terms of Service shall be deemed a further or continuing waiver of such Term or any other Term, and the Service Provider's failure to assert any right or provision under these Terms of Service shall not constitute a waiver of any such right or provision.

The Service Provider reserves the right to amend the provisions of this document. Any amendments will become effective on the date of their publication on Eurotica. You are advised to periodically review the most up-to-date version of our Terms of Service, so that you are aware of any changes. Once we make new terms available, any changes become effective immediately, and by using Eurotica, you agree to the terms as amended. By continuing to use Eurotica and services after the changes take effect, you agree to be bound by the revised policy.

III. Content Guidelines

The Eurotica contains and displays age-restricted adult content intended for individuals who are over the age of 18 years or over the age of majority in the jurisdiction. The User declares that they are over the age of 18 years or over the age of majority in the jurisdiction and views the content of the Eurotica by choice.

The User declares that, as an adult, they have the unalienable right to read and view any type of material that they choose, and that the content contained on Eurotica is not obscene or offensive in any way.

The User declares that the viewing and reading of the content on Eurotica do not violate any laws, regulations, rules, ordinances, edicts, customs, or community standards of their living area.

In compliance with the 18 U.S.C. § 2257 rules and regulations, all models appearing on Eurotica are over the age of 18 and have given their written consent to have their photographs and videos included on Eurotica. All the content displayed on Eurotica is in compliance with the 18 U.S.C. § 2257 rules and regulations.

IV. Availability

The Service Provider reserves the right to perform maintenance on Eurotica occasionally. The Service provider – as far as possible – notifies in advance on Eurotica about any interruption in the services due to maintenance.

The Service Provider takes no responsibility for any possible damages or losses that are caused by the use of Eurotica, its non-usable state, its unsuitable operation or malfunction, or that are due to delays in transferring information, computer viruses, line or system errors or other similar reasons.

The Service Provider does not guarantee the uninterrupted operation of the service, and cannot be held responsible for the suspension or termination of the service.

V. Registration and Payment

The Service Provider offers certain services that require registration and payment of fees. The Service Provider has the discretion to determine the fee amount and payment method.

During registration, the User must provide accurate and truthful information. Providing false information, misusing other data, or attempting to deceive in any way may lead to legal consequences.

The User is responsible for safeguarding their username and associated password. The Service Provider bears no responsibility in cases of third-party misuse of this information and is not liable for related damages.

The User acknowledges that their registration may be suspended or canceled due to illegal behavior or violations of the Terms of Service. If the Service Provider cancels the User's membership due to a violation of this agreement, the User is not entitled to a refund of any unused or unpaid balance.

The Service Provider maintains a virtual balance for registered users. Some services are available without registration, while others require free registration. Certain services come with fees and are deducted from the User's virtual balance. The fees for these services are always clearly displayed on Eurotica prior to usage, ensuring that users are fully aware of the associated costs.

When the User pays for services, they acknowledge that the Service Provider, acting as a data controller, transfers specific personal data to OTP Mobil Kft., with a company registration number of 01-09-174466, having its registered office at H-1138 Budapest, Váci street 135-139, Building B, 5th floor, and contactable at ugyfelszolgalat@simple.hu, a data processor. This data includes the User's name, address, and e-mail address. Further details regarding the nature and purpose of this data processing activity by the data processor can be found in the General User Information Notice Regarding the General Terms of Use of Simplepay Service.

When the User pays for services, they acknowledge that an invoice is generated for which the Service Provider, acting as a data controller, transfers specific personal data to KBOSS.hu Kft., with a company registration number of 01-09-303201, having its registered office at H-1031 Budapest, Záhony Street 7, and contactable at info@szamlazz.hu, a data processor. This data includes the User's name, address, e-mail address, and optionally the tax ID.

VI. Data Protection

The Service Provider considers it a fundamental obligation to ensure the full protection of personal data within the scope of its operations. Therefore, by utilizing all available means and taking every possible measure, it strives to ensure that the User's data is in full compliance with EU Regulation 2016/679 (General Data Protection Regulation - GDPR), as well as other relevant legislation, such as Act CXII of 2011 on the Right of Informational Self-Determination and on Freedom of Information, which is valid in Hungary, and the Convention for the Protection of Individuals with Regard to Automatic Processing of Personal Data, signed in Strasbourg on January 28, 1981.

The Service Provider commits not to disclose any data and information provided during registration or obtained in any other way concerning the User to third parties. This information is used solely for the purpose of ensuring the provision of services available through the Eurotica.

For more details about our data protection guidelines, please refer to the Privacy Policy page.

VII. Cookies

For the identification of the User, the personalization of the services, and to recognize the User at the next visit the Service provider places small data packages (so called cookies) on the computer of the User. These do not contain any personal information.

The User may delete the cookies from their computer, and can also block their use.

The User accepts the use of cookies, and also takes note that if the use of cookies is blocked, then the operation of the Eurotica is incomplete.

VIII. Links and Advertisements

Any links on the Eurotica that direct to external websites, other than www.eurotica.org, are provided for informational purposes only. The Service Provider assumes no responsibility for the content of these external websites.

The Service Provider also disclaims responsibility for Euroticas referenced through links posted by Users. The User acknowledges and accepts that placing or publishing any advertisement or link on the Eurotica without written approval from the Service Provider is prohibited and may lead to legal action.

The content and legality of Advertisements displayed on the Eurotica are the sole responsibility of the Advertiser.

IX. Copyright

The Eurotica and all images, text and other content displayed on it, as well as the trademarks, logos, characters and all intellectual work displayed on Eurotica is copyrighted, trademarked or under other legal protection for intellectual works, and is the property of the Service Provider.

The Eurotica name, as well as the www.eurotica.org domain name is copyrighted and trademarked. Their use – excluding linking to the site – requires the prior written consent of the Service Provider.

Without the prior written consent of the Service Provider it’s forbidden to reproduce, distribute, publish or modify parts or the whole of the Eurotica in any form. Even with written consent, their adoption or republishing is only allowed with a link to the Eurotica.

The User may download the images and videos on the Eurotica for non-commercial use in their home. The condition to exercise this right is that the User does not alter the copyright and other legal protection statements, and does not reproduce, distribute, publish or rework the stored materials.

Any reproduced part of the Eurotica shall not be used through sale and purchase or for the purposes of making profit, shall not be modified, and also shall not be used in any other publication.